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Sims 3  
02:09pm 11/06/2009
Mistress of Malfoy

Got the Sims 3 last week and have been glued to my computer ever since! I've always loved the Sims and have been playing it since it came out, so I obviously was gonna get Sims 3.

I love it!

My favourite aspects are the patterns, I love matching my sims clothes to their houses interior and stuff, plus the colour options - I can make everything purple. I love it! I'm also loving the personality traits. Oh! The evil trait - I adore this one. I love how certain options have the word 'evil' in front of them, like 'wash hands with evil soap' or 'take evil slumber' - stuff like that.

Stuff that annoys me - they sleep for so damn long! I miss all my hacks/mods that I use for Sims 2. I'm sure, down the line, someone will make similar mods for Sims 3 but until then i'll have to do it the hard way.

I'm going to go away now and play more Sims 3!

If you wanna see the stuff i've created for Sims 3 you can visit my page HERE

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tags: sims 3
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