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Merry Christmas  
11:16pm 24/12/2008
Mistress of Malfoy

So, tomorrow is Christmas Day.

Why is it that even though we know when Christmas is, we are always surprised when it arrives?

This year has been the most disorganised Christmas period for me, ever. Last-minute shopping, I only wrapped everything yesterday! Normally i'm really organised when it comes to this time of year.

Christmas is more fun when you're a kid, the magic fades as you get older. Still, my mum helps keep the festive spirit going talking about stockings and Santa, we both enjoy the game.

It's getting late, i'd better get to bed. I don't want to miss Santa!

Merry Christmas!
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Mr. Humbug Challenge  
06:25am 09/12/2008
Mistress of Malfoy

Pairing: Severus/Harry

Summary: The following lyrics from A Muppet Christmas Carol must be used:

OH! There goes Mr. Humbug,
There goes mister Grim
If they gave a prize for bein' mean
The winner would be him



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(no subject)  
03:27pm 25/11/2008
Mistress of Malfoy
I read this, blinked, and then burst out laughing.


Judge's Barry and Barney punishment

Tuesday, November 25 01:41 pm

A US judge has been hailing his "horrible punishment" for youngsters who continually play their music too loud.

Judge Paul Sacco, in Fort Lupton, Colorado, makes teen noise polluters sit in a locked room and listen to the Barry Manilow hit Copacabana for a whole hour at full volume.

They are also made to sit through records by Dolly Parton, Karen Carpenter and, er, Barney the Dinosaur.

Judge Sacco says it has helped cut the number of repeat offenders in the town.

He said: "When you have a person playing rap at extreme volumes all over the city, and they have to sit down and listen for an hour to Barry Manilow, it's horrible punishment."

Teenager Reuben Fuentes said: "You can't fall asleep."


This just totally reminds me of Angel and The Addams Family Values!!!!!

Angel because I still can't hear Mandy without giggling. And The Addams Family Values because of that bit when Wednesday and Pugsley are trapped in that hut, forced to watch Disney and 'happy' movies all day!

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Happy Halloween!  
09:28pm 31/10/2008
Mistress of Malfoy
I love Halloween! It's one of my favourite times of the year.

I used to do the whole dressing up in costumes and going out thing, nowadays I mainly stay in and watch horror movies.

My favourite Halloween tradition is watching as many vampire movies as I can get through in one night. I do love my vamps!

Maybe i'll play my Sims 2 and make lots of hot vampire sims!


So I have a question (or several, actually)....

What's everybody's favourite Halloween memory?

Do you have a Halloween tradition?

What's your favourite horror movie?

Do you have a signature Halloween costume?


Fangs for the memories.... It's been a scream!


Happy Halloween!
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02:16am 06/10/2008
Mistress of Malfoy

So, months ago, one night when I was totally bored I was trolling through the Harry Potter related communities when I came across some communities that sorted you into your Hogwarts house. I decided to have a go, so I visited [info]hogwartssorting  filled in the application form and waited to see what would happen.

Months later I've been sorted... I'm officially a Slytherin......

This actually doesn't surpise me that much, I mean, my application was rather sarcastic! If you want to read my application, that I wrote after no sleep, about 5 in the morning, then click HERE  (ooh! And check out the cool banner-y thingy that came with the acceptance message-thingy)

I actually thought I might get Ravenclaw but my Slyth side won out. As a person I reckon i'm probably half raven, half snake. Depending on my mood either half is in charge, although sometimes they try emerge at the same time. Then of course, there's the sneaky inner Hufflepuff that  creeps out when you least suspect. The kind that makes you want to make sparkly glittery things and go skipping down the street holding hands with your friends, singing about rainbows and kittens.

Have no idea what i'm gonna do now i've been sorted. Still, it was fun at the time, even if it did take ages to find out what the result was!



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Sleeping Slytherin Challenge  
08:31pm 20/08/2008
Mistress of Malfoy

Summary: Harry finds a hidden room in the Chamber of Secrets. Inside is a pretty man lying on a bed…
Pairings: Harry/Salazar

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Lucius Malfoy has a big... Challenge  
07:57pm 20/08/2008
Mistress of Malfoy
Lucius Malfoy has a big… Challenge
Summary: Harry likes a man who can really fill his pants. When he discovers that Lucius is very well endowed he figures the only way he can get him is if he goes Dark.
Pairings: Lucius/Harry

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Harry/Voldemort Incest Challenge  
06:48pm 20/08/2008
Mistress of Malfoy

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Portrait Challenge  
05:49pm 20/08/2008
Mistress of Malfoy

Summary: Salazar Slytherin’s portrait seduces Harry by whispering naughty things to him in parseltongue.
Pairings: Harry/Salazar

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Veela Challenge  
04:40pm 20/08/2008
Mistress of Malfoy
So i've got this little book in which I keep all my Harry Potter challenge ideas, I keep on adding to it yet I never seem to get round to writing them out. 

Until today! I'm on a challenge typing mission. This is the first one. I'll be posting them all seperately. See how many I can get done.

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