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viridian_malfoy's Journal

Mistress of Malfoy
5 March 1981
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I am very much an individual. I'm not happy unless i'm obsessed with something.

At the moment it's Harry Potter. I prefer the books over the movies. Although, loving the movie Voldemort! I am so in love with him! And Snape and Snape's voice! Also loving the Luna, she was the best thing about movie 5, she reminds me of Drusilla who's my fav Buffy character. Love the crazy girls! Reminds me of, well, me!

I love purple, its my favourite colour. Black too.

My hair is very long, i'm still growing it, I never want to cut it.

I love evil! Evil characters are the best, the majority of my favourite characters are evil.

I like to read. Love Harry Potter and Anita Blake, Anne McCaffrey is one of my favourite authors, Terry Pratchett also rocks!

TV is also good. Love Buffy, Angel, SG-1, Heroes is fabulous and Lost, can't forget that!

Movies. Horror, definately. Vampire movies are my favourite. I love Lord of the Rings, Donnie Darko, Battle Royale and too many others to name.

Music. Hmm, a tough one. I like Muse and My Chemical Romance but I also like Little Richard and Marilyn Monroe. I have a lot of movie soundtracks but my favourite is the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, even though the movie is terrible. But I still watch it to perv on Stuart Townsend!

I also love to read Harry Potter fan fiction, and it definately has to be slash fic! Mainly because i'm a pervert! But seriously, gay Harry is hot. Gay Harry and gay Draco, Lucius, Severus or Voldy/TMR together are extremely hot! *grins*
My favourite pairings are Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus, Harry/Lucius and Harry/Voldemort. Oh, and my new obsession Harry/Salazar. Basically Harry and Slytherins!

I reckon if I went to Hogwarts i'd probably be in either Ravenclaw or Slytherin. As a person i'm probably half and half.

Ham and cheese is my favourite sandwich filling, but it has to be white Cheshire cheese, 'cause it's my favourite.

As a snack you have to try Philidelphia (which is a soft cheese - and I don't mean the low fat stuff) on plain chocolate digestive biscuits! And it must be plain chocolate. Sounds disgusting? Try it and then watch me smirk knowingly at you! Don't like it? Then there's something wrong with you. *nods*